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I like to have  input from others who already had CI.  I had surgery on March 4th and first appointment for programing on March 26th.  I have been fitted with MedEl  Sonnet and Rondo 2.  Though it is just 4th day today after fitting electronics / programming but my level of satisfaction is zero at this point.  I do hear some odd sounds by CI ear but no conversation or dialogues. I do use my hearing aid sometimes  in other ear.  I want advice from persons who  already had the procedure done.  What kind of time frame I can expect before start hearing speech?  I will appreciate hearing from my Hear Peer friends.  Thanks

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Congratulations on your activation.  I know it doesn’t help, but everyone’s journey and even every ear’s journey (my 2 sides took completely different journeys) is unique.  There is no magic timeline.  And although it is hard to believe, people who start off understanding speech soon after activation do not necessarily end up with the highest listening skills with their CIs in the end.  So the beginning of the journey does not indicate the end level of listening with a CI.

If you are eager to move your journey along as quickly as you can, I suggest downloading the free CLIX app on an iPad.  Connect only your CI side to the sound from CLIX.  Omit taking the test in CLIX.  Start with level 1.  Set the volume on the iPad so it is comfortable for you.  Level 1 asks us to listen to see if we recognize how many parts of the sound we hear. Grape 1 part.  Yellow 2 parts.  Watermelon (4 parts).  It does not matter in level 1 whether anything actually sounds like speech.  This is the beginning step of training our brains to understand speech with CIs.


My second side did not understand speech at all in the early days.  Everything sounded like marimba bells always playing.  Now it is an amazing listening ear.  Lots of aural rehab, time and MAPping appointments.  Smile.  

Try to embrace your journey.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.  Hang in there.

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@Vinod - Mary Beth is correct, it will take time.  I could understand speech at activation both times but it sounded AWFUL and took time and practice to improve it.  You're at the very beginning, please don't be disappointed yet.  Use the apps that Mary Beth mentioned - I never used Clix because I don't have an iPad, but Angel Sounds can be used on a PC or on a mobile phone.  I used that a lot.  Or have a family member or friend repeat words to you until your brain begins to sort it out.  This process is all about getting your brain to interpret sound that's being transmitted in a new way - it's not surprising that it's not clear at activation!

Good luck!

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Hi Mary Beth, 

Thank you for your advise. I will download CLIX and follow  instructions.  But please tell me which Clix should be downloaded. At app store on my Ipad there are several and I couldn't determine which one should be loaded?? If possible attach a picture.

Please respond so I can get started.. Appreciate your help


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I have been upgraded to a new processor which is the sonnet (I previously had a tempo processor).

  Have people been having problems with adjusting to a new processor ?  Especially the Sonnet.

 I am find the sounds on the new processor worst and hearing very little and everything sounding totally different to my previous processor.  I am in a panic mode as to how long it should take before things feeling back to normal.  I am finding the sounding is totally different to the processor and guessing I will need to be remapping to adjust this?

Does people have this problem every time they have an upgrade ?

With all the above happening,  how do I get my Employer to be more understanding ???

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Hi!  I went from OPUS2/Rondo to Sonnets and had a lot of trouble at first.  For me, the automatic conversion of my OPUS2 MAPs to Sonnet MAPs was not successful.  I heard much worse with those converted Sonnet MAPs even after working on aural rehab a lot.


In the end, we figured out that I needed different MAPs with the Sonnets.  So I still hear great with my old MAPs on the OPUS2 and we created different MAPs for the Sonnets.


I have read reports from others who experienced the same thing.  Their omni MAP on their old processor sounded terrible when automatically converted to an omni MAP for the Sonnet and they had to return for MAPping adjustments.


Also, Med-El recommends NATURAL mic setting as default for Sonnets. That mic setting is much too restrictive for me.  I hear better in omni mic setting.  So we removed natural mic setting from my Sonnets.


Hang in there.  I know it is very difficult when we experience huge listening set backs with new processors.


Good luck and keep us posted.

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