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May, June, July, August 2019 CI surgery and/or activation

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JULY & AUGUST @Percy second CI activation July 1 @Karen fudge first CI surgery July 3 @Carolmarie second CI activation July 6 @Rita Marquez second CI activation July 10 @S

Freshly activated, so I started with my expectation super low. All 12 electrodes are in good health and active. Currently, I hear everything super, super high pitched, like everything is beyond helium

3 month since activation! Wow how time flies! Time for an update. I wear my processor every waking minute and never like taking it off. I feel like half the world goes dead if I do. Every si

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I hope you can get the Mac desktop version working too, as the app is very limited. I did try that first but it didn't last me long. A good start though.

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The full version works on PCs.  The only way to use it on MACs is to set your MAC up to run a PC program.  Info is here.





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On 5/1/2019 at 3:09 PM, Mary Beth said:


@Percy second CI activation July 1

@Karen fudge first CI surgery July 3

@Carolmarie second CI activation July 6

@Rita Marquez second CI activation July 10

@Sandy123 first CI activation July 16

@MrVe9as first CI activation July 30

@Evren AND mother both first CI surgery August 21 (choosing Rondo 2)

Let me know if I have any errors and if I’m missing anyone who wants to join in.  Exciting times on HearPeers!

Just checking in to see how your hearing journeys are going.

@Evren @MrVe9as @Sandy123 @Rita Marquez @Carolmarie @Karen fudge @Percy

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Yes.  Things are good.  I will see the audiologist again soon.  She only has one program activated on my remote for the new processor.  I’m going to ask her for all programs at this next appointment.  

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The second implant is progressing. In one of my maps I tolerated too much bass when doing the threshold test and it didn’t sound good.  I gave it some time thinking that maybe my brain would get used to it but it didn’t.  I have another mapping next week to try and balance things out. 

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I don’t understand balancing.  But the new implant isn’t loud enough.  I try to go as high as I can with mapping, without feeling pain.  I don’t like the single program she gave me for the new processor.  It sounds like I’m listening from down in a hole.  It’s like that on the other side, too when I use that program.  With my original processor, I always use the loudest program and I get better clarity.  I can’t choose that with my new processor, since I only have the one program.

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@Rita Marquez

Our audiologists have multiple ways to give us perceived loudness in addition to just increasing the MCL settings.  

-wider pulse width

-adjusting threshold settings (quietest sounds we hear)

-changing MAPLAW setting

-turning off electrodes that are not able to be perceived loud enough and shifting those frequencies to other electrodes 

-using triphasic pulses instead (This is only available to Med-El CI users.)

-and probably even more ways that I have yet to learn about 

Hopefully you, your audiologist and the Med-El regional team in your area can help you get the perceived loudness on your new side soon.

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I just had my second appointment with audi today.

Quite a progress, first thing I tested out was music and I can hear many sounds richer and fuller. Enjoying music way better now.

It's not loud enough, because I was way tooo nervous due to fainting spell at activation. So audi tried to go easy with mapping. 

I was having a chat with a co-worker today, who almost sound like whispering when he talks.. well I unstersood his speech quite good.

I understand my wife better, without hearing aid on my other ear. She close her mouth, talk and I can make up the words. No lipreading!

My own voice is much better and bass heavy. Doing my favorite voice impressions :)

So,nNext appt is in 3 months. Can't really wait. :)

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I wanted to post a 6 month update, saw Audi yesterday for testing. Best News! Ahead of all expected milestones! Even scored 'normal' on the speech in background noise test. Audi said there is nothing more she could hope for, and we'll re-test at 12 months.

Functionally my hearing is not 'normal' or perfect but it's pretty damn good. I can operate in most environments without undue stress, maybe more focus than previous.

I'm working on the music modules now in angel sounds - that is hard and the area I most want to improve now. More rehab!!!

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Wonderful news. I haven't even being doing rehab really. I will do my third mapping next week. It will be interesting to see how I do. Really hearing well so far.....   Wishing you all the best in hearing.....

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