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Remote via a phone app

Mary Beth

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We have talked about wanting a remote that is a phone app since most of us carry our phones around.  Recently I have been reading user reports from another brand and many people are experiencing problems with the app as a remote.  My favorite aural rehab app for new users (CLIX) has been temporarily removed from the App Store due to technical difficulties with the new operating systems on phones.

If Med-El offers an app as a remote, I hope they will have a very skilled team to keep the app working well.

The new remote for the upcoming Sonnet 2 that recently received approval in Canada called the Fine Tuner Echo appears much larger than our present Fine Tuner and has a display screen.

Larger remotes tend to lead to more users wanting an app.  

Where do you think this will lead?

How strongly do you wish we had an app as a remote?

Do you think it is better for us to have a separate remote that Med-El has control of completely?


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I saw that the new Fine Tuner is larger. I personally don't like that. Right now I can discreetly have my Fine Tuner in my lap and change settings as needed. It fits very nicely in my palm and is very light. Having a phone app is nice but surely not a deal breaker for me. 

I would much rather prefer an alternative to the Waterwear since it can't be reused several times. 

Btw @Mary Bethdid you see my PM to you last week? 

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I responded to your PM the same day.  If it doesn’t show up for you, let me know and I will send it again.

Waterwear.....always a good topic.  The thing is, I LOVE how awesome everything sounds in the Rondo 1 waterwear.  I have friends who use their brands’ water devices and they all talk about sound being quieter or muffled.  However waterwear covers are expensive when one packet provides only 9 uses.  Sometimes I wonder if Med-El could reduce costs by increasing the number of covers & seals in each packet.  There is plenty of space for more covers/seals.  I am lucky because I use waterwear with Rondo 1 processors and those packets are cheaper than Rondo 2 and Sonnet packets.


Parents struggle with bath time.  Such an important language moment for youngsters yet so expensive to buy that many waterwear packets.


Parents sometimes opt to cover one processor at the beach or pool due to cost.  For children used to listening bilaterally, that is a big change.  But waterwear covers are expensive.


Definitely an area where there is room for improvement.  The cost is preventing people from using the waterwear covers regularly.


But the sound quality of Rondo 1 processors in waterwear is unbelievable.


It will be interesting to see what Med-El has in store for us in the future for water use.

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