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Charging and organizing everything


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I've been looking into the kit and figuring out what's all in the boxes. Turns out there's quite a few chargers and containers, such as:

  1. CI battery charger
  2. Roger pen charger
  3. Dry box

What do you do to centralize everything and tidy things up at home?

I live in a small space, so space is a little bit of a premium. Looking for ideas! :) 

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  • HearPeers Heroes

I use disposable batteries so I don’t have the battery charger plugged in.


My processors go in their dry kits every night so those are plugged in my bedroom.


The Roger charging dock can be attached to a TV for audio streaming so many people do that.  I do not use Roger tech.  I think it is great for speech in noise or over distance but I do not find I need that in order to hear well.  I use Artone BT neckloop for streaming audio from my phone/iPad.  I have 2 of those charged up at all times (in the kitchen).

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  • 1 year later...

So many things! I ordered a USB extension charger for all the stuff. I have it all plugged in another room because the lights are bright at night. But I have the dryer, audiolink charger, and battery charger all plugged into it. When traveling it's cool because we can plug our cell phones and other USB chargeable accessories into it too.

For all the other stuff.. I took everything out of their little boxes and condensed them into one of the larger boxes to stash away. 

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