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Mrs. Robin Schmidt


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   Im starting my cochlear implant journey on Aug 12! I am deaf in my right ear, with only 14% in my left, implant side.   I'm checking to see if medel or advanced bionics is the right fit for me.

  I was concerned about mri's, which i do have occasionally and have been told that my hospital does not do Medel implants.....so looking for more information, which would be good for me? thanks so much, look forward to hearing all the comments!


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Hello @hissyfitz63@gmail.com

Welcome to HearPeers.  We are a Med-El hosted forum so you will find mostly Med-El users here.  August 12th will be here soon!  Wishing you the best.

Choosing a CI brand was overwhelming to me.  So much to read.  So many opinions.  In the end, I chose Med-El due to their electrode array options which gave the best chance to fully implant electrode arrays into my cochleas.  I have been so happy with my CIs.  My right ear had not processed any sound at all for 24 years following a surgery (but had heard prior to that) and it is an amazing CI ear!  Phone, TV, radio, music of all kinds in all different venues, group game nights, huge family gatherings.....just amazing.  

I wish you the best on your CI journey.  I will tag you in a topic where many of us discussed why we chose Med-El.


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You can also find a hospital/clinic near you that does Med-El implant here: https://www.medel.com/us/clinic-finder/

Both Med-El and AdvancedBionics current implant offerings works up to 3.0T MRI scans. The MRI technicians should be able to work with you to ensure a good experience for MRI scans post-implantations. For more information on Med-El's implant compatibility with MRI scans:

I also hemmed and hawed between Med-El and AdvancedBionics. Both have good, solid, innovative offerings. But, there are trade-offs. It would have been great if it was possible to mix and match. However, that's not possible for a variety of reasons. I ended up making a list of pros/cons and what I wanted in 5 years and 10 years to help me assess my priorities. My list showed me that Med-El is the one for me.

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