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laptops and ci users


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Hi Jim,

which cable did you mean? The FM cable can be plugged into anything with a suitable receptive jack.

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Jim, I believe the answer is yes.  If you are familiar with T-coil, I use the Rondo so the Quattro neckloop is great (Bluetooth so not confined to length of cord) or an ordinary neck loop, which can also be used with the BTE Opus.  Or any headset or earhook configuration.  I also connect using these various things to Ipod and Iphone.

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Hi Jim, if you use either the yellow or red  direct audio input (DAI)  cables with the OPUS2 you can absolutely put the jack into the headphone output.  Since you are using the DAI, there will be no need to use either the M/T or T settings from your FineTuner.  If you have a Quattro or other Bluetooth enabled neckloop and your laptop is Bluetooth equipped, you will pair you neck loop with the laptop, active the M/T or T setting on your FineTuner and you are good to go.  the yellow cable splits the sound 50/50, laptop and microphone.  the red cable goes 90/10 laptop and microphone.  please elt us know if you need additional help!  happy listening!


I use both, Quattro when in the car, DAI red when traveling in a plane.

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