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Rondo2 magnet strength


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i was looking at my rondo2 and I realized I have magnet number 4

i knew they were coming out with number 4 but it didn’t hit me in the head that I have it

i was waiting for my right ear activation in July 

i have the free one for the left ear but can’t wear it until next month



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You can check to see if your CI audiologist has other Rondo 2 magnet strengths available if it turns out that 4 is too strong. Some CI audiologists have various magnet strengths available and others do not.

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When the Audi tried the rondo2 on the left side number 4 was the one I needed 

i just forgot that I am thick skin

until I can wear it on the left side the rondo2 is being guarded on my dresser

The c scan showed none of the electro went in the cochlea 

I have a malformed cochlea

i just learned about it a few weeks ago

but that ok as long as I will be able to use my right side

will let you know how everything goes on July 9th

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Wishing you a very good right side activation @Carolmarie!

I’m not sure if it’s an option for your left side, but Med-El does make a custom electrode array for complicated cochleas.  Your surgeon would be a great person to talk to about it if you are interested.

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Thank you very much 

I will wait and see what happen next

wished that med-el was in the surgery room last year maybe things would be different

i do believe that things happen for a reason

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