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Rabindra sahoo

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Good afternoon everyone. 

I'm a father of a bilateral CI user residing in odisha, india .  My daughter is complaining of irritation and disturbing to the loud noise(low frequency sounds). She is frequently irritated by loud noise in traffic( horn of car or other big vehicle) from behind. Also any body speaking close to her processor disturb her. Another complain is that till now she is not able to localize the source of sound , though she has bilateral implant operated at 2years of age. Now she is 8 years old and using opus 2 processor. 

Anyone please suggest what to do. Also please suggest place where mapping done at odisha,. India . 

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Hi @Rabindra sahoo

As a temporary measure you can use the Fine Tuner remote to lower her volume.  I would encourage you to bring her for a new MAPping. When our MAPs are set correctly, nothing should be too loud.  Wishing your daughter the best.

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Hello mam

Thank you for your early response.  On reducing the volume she doesn't react to normal sound also. I want to know is there any facility to selectively reduce or mask the noisy or irritating sounds(low frequency sounds) in opos2 processor. Any proffesional medel person or audiologist is there to reply my question . 

anyone  if can let me know the places in odisha (Orissa);  India where mapping is done 

thank you

rabindra sahoo

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Hi @Rabindra sahoo

thanks for question. As with for the OPUS 2 accessories, please get in touch with our MED-EL India office. They will know best where your daughter's maps can be adjusted. 

Here are their contact details: 

MED-EL India Private Ltd.
#505 Pragati House, 47-48 Nehru Place, New Delhi, India | 110019 New Delhi
Phone 91-11-4160-7171 | Fax 91-11-4164-2800 | Email support@medel.in

Wishing your daughter all the best! 

Kind regards, 


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