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Sudden hearing loss!!!


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Hello my name is Sarah and I was born with severe/profound hearing loss. I have 19% hearing left. I woke up last sat with sudden hearing loss and the doctor have put me on steroid for a week but my hearing is still the same! I’m very worried about this as they don’t know why this has happened! 


Has anyone on here been through this similar situation?  


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Hello, I'm sorry for your bad news, it happened exactly the same as you.
I had the same hearing loss as you, one morning when I got up I lost everything on the side severe with acute whistling (tinnitus) I had a cortisone treatment for a week unfortunately it does not work it is irretrievable I had no other choice but to be implanted.

I'am French I do not speak English. I use the translator to understand you and write you.

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Welcome to HearPeers.  Med-El ran guest articles from Laura who experienced the same thing.  Let me find them and give you links.  Wishing you the best.

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Hi can I ask what type of deafness you have? I have pendred syndrome. How r u finding the implant? Can u hear everything? What about music? e.g on utube/radio? 


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