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Frequency of Mapping Sessions


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Hello All;

I received my CI last October. I am fortunate to live in Ontario, Canada where the cost of the CI and implantation surgery is covered under our provincial health care. However, there are only two implantation hospitals in the entire province so access to CI-trained audiologists after surgery is limited. After activation and two weeks follow-up, you have mapping appointments quarterly for the remainder of the first year and then yearly after that. Acess between the scheduled appointments is difficult, as there are so few CI-trained audiologists at the hospital - waiting times are months long. I am feeling that additional mapping sessions would benefit me, but I can't access them.

Is anyone aware of CI-trained audiologists in Ontario or Michigan in private practice (where I could pay for additional mapping sessions)?

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I’m in southern Ontario and deal with Sunnybrook Hospital. I have never found waiting times to be months long, rather I find them rather receptive to extra appointments of which I have requested a few. Nothing but kudos for Sunnybrook in my opinion.

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I hope you can sort this out close to home like @Hicksy.

You can find clinics that work with Med-El on Med-El’s webpage under clinic finder. 

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