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Synchrony 2

Don Doherty

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I have a bilateral neurosensory hearing loss and was implanted on September 5th with a recently FDA approved Synchrony 2 implant. In my research on this implant I have learned it is primarily used for single sided deafness. It also helps with better comprehension of speech for those with one implant. I’ll be using the Sonnet 2 and Rondo 2 following activation on September 24th.

I’m curious as to why I received an implant designed for single sided deafness and wonder if this will cause any future difficulties especially if I get a second cochlear implant in the future. Has anyone else had experience with the Synchrony 2 implant? Or read articles about its impact on bilateral profound hearing loss?



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The Synchrony 2 internal is just a version of the Synchrony internal implant that has a centered electrode feed.  It works for cochlear implant users who are single sided deaf, unilateral CI or bilateral CI.  There will be no difficulty if you decide to get a second CI.

I have one internal Concert and one internal Synchrony, just due to the timing of my surgeries.  They work great together.  No problems at all.

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