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Need a 1 week game plan


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I've read about all the rehab and training and am somewhat confused where to start but anxious to do so. With the hearing loss I've had so far, I know the more and better exposure the faster the gains are made.

 So let me begin here, I am being activated on October 14th (surgery was 9-20) then I am leaving Wisconsin on the 16th, and flying to Maine to visit my wife in our home out there for a week. It will be me, her and the dog.  I'm sure you can imagine that being in Maine there is a lot of alone time or one on one time. We love to hike and enjoy the outdoors. So I am looking for recommendations for a jump start program to start training my left side CI. I have a willing partner and 7 days of leisure time to concentrate on this.

Preferably something we can train with whether we are hiking or sitting on the seashore, as well as in the quiet of the living room (mornings, evenings) for more concentrated rehab.

I do have one mildly functioning right ear with a hearing aid - maxed out - if that makes a difference

Let me know your thoughts

Oh and I'm android guy - which leads me to another question - should i switch to iphone, I don't want to but that's where all the tools are it seems.



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Congratulations @dkritter

Follow this link.  Print out the sheets and pack them for your trip.

Also, bring along some reading material.  Have your spouse sit on your CI side.  Turn off the hearing aid on the other side.  Hold the reading material so you both can see it.  Have your spouse start reading and stop.  See if you can track the speech and pick up where it was left off.

Go on listening walks.  Have your spouse narrate the sounds you hear.


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