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Reimplant after nineteen years

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Hi everybody. Just thought I'd share my situation with you in case it's of interest.

I'm a bilateral CI user, had right ear implanted in 2000 and LE in 2010. My RE failed this summer whilst I was on holiday in Rhodes. My implant (well, I thought it was my processor) started switching off at random. I changed batteries a few times, then (using my left processor for spares) I switched the wire, coil, battery pack one at a time. After randomly switching off, the implant would come back on maybe 10 minutes later with a staticky sounding popping nose. After half a day of this, it pretty much stopped coming on altogether. When I got home later that week, my clinic sent out a new processor and I went through the process again of testing all the spare parts, finally switching the processor itself over: no joy. I went for tests the following week.

I had my reimplant surgery less than a month later, on Wednesday 2nd October. My activation is next Thursday. I am excited to get back to stereo... and I wonder how different this new implant will sound. I've gone from a COMBI 40+ with standard electrode to a Synchrony II, so quite an upgrade!

I've always found my left ear to be the 'weak ear' due to the 10 year gap. Using only my left ear since August has really strengthened it, I reckon.

I'd love to hear the experiences of others who have had long gaps in sequential implantation, or have had to rehab following a reimplant. I'll update this following my switch-on.

Ruth 🙂

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@Mary Beth I am looking at Skullcandy. I initially thought they were just a 'trendy' brand. My sister (also with bilateral CIs) has a pair, and they are very good!

Her pair is Venue: https://www.skullcandy.co.uk/shop/headphones/bluetooth-headphones/venue - sound quality and bluetooth is fantastic, and they have Tile integration so you can find them via the app!

I am tempted to try Crusher: https://www.skullcandy.co.uk/shop/headphones/bluetooth-headphones/crusher-wireless - they use haptic bass, which could be a lot of fun (I'd have to turn it right down for quieter songs and voice/radio).

I may also wait for Black Friday and see if any pairs go down in price, such as the Bose QuietComfort. Choices, choices! 🙂

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