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Making sure we have a person to help if needed

Mary Beth

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@Joan and I were discussing how important it is to have a family member or close friend become comfortable with our processors in case of emergencies.  If we are ever in a situation where we can not independently take care of our processors, we still want to be able to hear.

I have written step by step directions and my family has followed those directions and had hands on experiences handling my processors.  We agreed on where those directions are kept.


@Joan made a terrific short video for her family.  This is a wonderful idea because the video can be stored on our family members’ phones and always available in case of an emergency.


Definitely the Rondo 2 processors are the easiest processors for our family members to handle.  Terrific one button design with rechargeable batteries.


It may be very helpful for everyone to have directions for a back up person and if possible, give that person a hands on experience.


I am hoping none of us are ever in need of a back up person, but best to be prepared.

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@Mary Beth This is a great suggestion and the video was very much appreciated by my family. While I, too, hope it will never be needed, it’s certainly reassuring to know I’ll have help if I should  ever need it. Thanks very much!

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