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Who has Rondo 2?

Mary Beth

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Sorry, I'm still switching back and forth between the old house and the new house.  I have an old laptop at the new house, where I stay during the workweek, but it doesn't have my HearPeers cookies or password saved, and I didn't remember it.  I'm going to email it to myself.  Anyway, yes, I have Rondo2s.  I was lucky enough to fall into the promotion here in the US so I actually have Sonnets as well.  Due to the background noise at work I tend to use my Sonnets there, but I really love to be able to switch to the Rondo2s in the evening and give my ears a break.  The sound is excellent.  How is your rehab going, @Nischal Koirala?

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My rehab is going well 

I here  everiting , my sound is really good 

but I have a second noise off Donald duck in my prossecor 

And  that is not fine

i’am wearing  my Rondo2 untill  from 4 okt this year 

We have Only 1 proccessor, not 2

so I van not change 

Thank you for responding


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In the beginning I heard two voices at the same time too.  As time went on and I continued to practice, the robot/Donald Duck sound started separating more and more from the natural voice.  Then one day, it was gone and never came back.

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I have Rondo 1 and a Rondo 2 as well as Sonnets - which I tend to use more often - due to the 2 microphones and all that offers. I use the Rondos as back up processors.

I really like the Rondo 2 simply from the recharge once over night - while I sleep. Then its useable ALL day long. The Rondo1 takes disposable batteries that only last a few days AND it takes 3 batteries.

I use disposable battiest in my Sonnets too because I had an issue with the rechargeable battery frame on  1 Sonnet. 

Despite trials and tribulations, I LOVE MY MEDEL processors and implants because they allow me to hear quite well. Without them I am deaf.  Thank you MedEl !!!!

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