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Market Share Concern?


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Hello Everyone,

I am new here. We are researching implants for my 10 year old, who has worn HA since 3 months of age. He has bilateral mixed loss, that has gone from moderately-severe to severe, to severe to profound. He has done very well (mainstreamed since Kindergarten) but this year, his speech recognition/ word discrimination scores have dropped  and out audiologist is recommending CIs.  

We are deciding between Med-El and Cochlear. 

One concern we have (we are in the US by the way), is that Med-El is a privately held company and has less market share than Cochlear. My husband is worried about what could happen when it is time for a change of leadership at Med-El, could the company be sold or re-organized or even discontinued? 

Has anyone else considered this? Thoughts?




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I had the pleasure of visiting Med-El headquarters in Innsbruck and meeting Ingeborg Hochmair and many Med-El employees.  They are passionate about their lifelong commitment to us.  I trust they have a plan in place.

I will tag @MED-EL Moderator so they may respond to your concerns.

I chose Med-El in 2015 after a progressive loss and these CIs have changed my life.  They are soooo much better than hearing aids!  Music is awesome.

Wishing your son the very best.

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