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Using the FineTuner Echo AND the AudioKey app

Mary Beth

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@MED-EL Moderator

Will you help clear up a lot of confusion about using the FineTuner Echo and the AudioKey app with the Sonnet 2?

There are so many conflicting comments going around.

If our audiologist sets the Sonnet 2 up to use the FineTuner Echo and the AudioKey app, we realize that we can no longer use the previous FineTuner.

How do we switch from using the FineTuner Echo as a remote to using the AudioKey app as a remote?  Some people say we can use either one any time we want without a problem.  Other people say we must disconnect the BT connection between the Sonnet 2 and the app BEFORE we can use the FineTuner Echo. (Which means we need the app nearby right?)

Will you explain this or post a link please?  

Thank you!

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Hi @Mary Beth

thanks for tagging us and sorry to hear about the confusion!

I double-checked with our product experts and here is their answer:

You can use either FineTuner Echo or the AudioKey app with SONNET 2. There is no need to disconnect the Bluetooth connection, but you need to close the app before using the FineTuner Echo. If you have the app open while trying to use FineTuner Echo, the FineTuner Echo will say "out of reach". So, simply close the app and you're ready to use the FineTuner Echo 😃

Hope that helps!



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