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problems after surgery


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this is an odd question. as everyone here knows I am a bilateral recipient. After my first implant was done and healing was complete I noticed a very deep cavity below my implant. I also noticed implant was very low making it very uncomfortable to wear my sonnet processor that I love. After bringing this to my doctors attention my second implant was installed higher and effort made to move tissue so cavity in my head was not so deep. Being someone with multiple conditions I just dealt with left implant. As of late it appears to have gotten much worse and more difficult to wear sonnet device. Even to the point recently had to go to ER due to massive headache on left side of my head, it was so bad it made my eye hurt. long story short i have made 2 trips to doctor on this matter. Yesterdays visit I was informed that there is a way to fasten implant to the skull but doctor doesnt like to do this because of drilling into skull. For some reason all of this sounds odd. One after first implant was done he did second one different indicating maybe first one should have been done different. And 2 if there is a fastening method should that have been done during original installation. Now we are going through insurance stuff and what I have to pay upfront and so on. insurance has preauthorized device but yesterday was told they have to review doctor portion and what I have to pay up front. On original install of both I didnt pay anything upfront because my deductible and OOP was met this year is the same. I'm confused I feel maybe a mistake was made on first install and I should get some help to fix this. Has anyone had any experience with this. Isnt it normal practice to secure device to skull so it cant move ? shouldnt there be somthing covered covered by doctor given the fact he made extra effort to install right side different meaning maybe that care should have been taken on first implant. I have been told by doctor sorry things happen and so on but it just doesnt seem fair. 

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I am sorry to read of your difficulties.  Surgeons vary considerably in their surgical methods.

Also, there are considerations due to anatomy and the amount of residual hearing.

My surgeries involved drilling a well for the internal component.  It rests in that well and is secured there.

I hope things get sorted out soon for you.  Keep us posted.

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