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Revision Surgery

Daniel the Stranger

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Hi guys!

Long time no see you! I have been quite busy, we have one staff less at work, we also bought an old house which needs lots of thing to make it up to date!

I just wanted to share with you that my second implant hasn't been working as expected. Initial activation went well but 3 months after the last electrode had to be shutdown because it was giving me facial movement during testing. Then it happened to the electrode before the last one. On December my surgeon ordered a CT scan and we found that 2 these 2 electrodes were outside of the cochlea. To sum up, my CI has been moving a bit since surgery and now the third last electrode is in its way out too.

Surgery has been scheduled for next Friday the 21st. 

Please don't feel sad for me, I'm actually very happy and relieved that there is a solution and also knowing that the surgery is not a big deal. Surgeon said that all the prep has been done (drilling) so it is only a matter of removing the current CI and inserting the new one.

I will keep you posted guys.

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That's ok, @Mary Beth knowing that I can have my other ear hearing almost at the same level of my first CI it makes me motivate more to move forward with the revision surgery.

My cat? well I think he is taking it pretty well doesn't he? 😂


On a serious note, he gets scared when tradies come to our house with big machines like the Tree stump machine from the tree removal company that came about a month ago. Sometimes he gets friendly with the tradies depending on their personalities, sometimes he is scared of them mostly when their voices are very strong. But it is not frequent, we are trying to do most of the things ourselves.

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