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BOSE QC35 BT noise canceling headphones

Mary Beth

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I just love these headphones!  Recently on a trip, two of us watched a movie from the same tablet.  Via the BOSE app, two headphones can be connected and both stream the same audio each with their own ability to alter the volume independently.  Works great.

I was using my OPUS2 processors.  My right side is comfortable for hours and hours in those headphones.  My left side becomes uncomfortable so I just pop the BTE processor off of my ear and let it rest directly in the headphone cup.  It fits perfectly and then it is completely comfortable with the headphones on for hours and hours.  I just need to be sure to reset the left BTE processor behind my ear before removing the headphones.

We were watching The Secret Life of Pets 2 I believe when I noticed that some of the sound effects were coming only to the left or only to the right side depending on which direction the sound was in the movie.  So cool!  I really am still so amazed with separate left and right stereo sounds.  After spending 24 years with a completely non-hearing right ear, this amazes me every single time.  And to be honest, I didn’t realize movies did that with stereo headphones.  I thought only surround speakers could do that.  I loved it!

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