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Rondo 2 processors charged then set aside for a week

Mary Beth

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@Mary Beth

I recently switched from my Rondo2s to my Opus2s for a week.

When I was ready to switch back to the Rondo2s, I put them on the air chargers the night before to recharge them. However, neither displayed the red charging light so I set them aside, assuming a malfunction that I would deal with in the morning.

The next morning, without thinking about it, I put both Rondo2s on. Imagine my surprise when both were working just fine...this after having been stored away for an entire week and not having been recharged!

I then wore them for 16 hours before removing them for the night and both were still active when removed. Amazing battery retention!

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That is exciting @Joan!  Yay for the Rondo 2!

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