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New to this - Some observations and questions

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I have been activated for a little over a week and feel very lucky to be understanding most speech and am now getting accustomed to hearing again in an ear that has been profoundly deaf for 6+ years. I have fairly good hearing in the other... With that it is a little tough isolating the hearing from implant and "good" ear. So some of the immediate progress is surely related to the additive nature of hearing from two sides. I am truly grateful and as a whole I feel am much better off with it. So with that there are a few things that I put forth to see what your impressions are and how you handle these things, both positive and negative.

Some observations mixed with questions.

  • Rustling plastic bags is horrific. Really, I think I could hear the guy clanging dishes while cleaning them in the back corner of the restaurant...Will that go away or become a more normal of an input?
  • Car blinkers are now annoying. Who gave them the super power of banging off the back of my skull? There will be no more driving around the world endlessly to the right...
  • It is awesome the tech that goes into this device.
  • Nice to be able to turn it up to hear conversations from the other end of the table.
  • When I first put it on in the morning or after a few minutes with it off, it is very jarring to have that much input all at once. Kinda like being launched from a sling shot. I find myself wincing as the magnet goes on. The Rondo 2 seems worse at this.
  • Doing construction is tough with in on. Saws, air nailers, hammering inside a shell of a house. Hated to take it off for a few hours with it this new but just had to.
  • Surgery was rough for a day or two and got reminded what the spins are for the first week. Truly had me worried for a while. I would easily do it again based on my own unique experience. Again I feel very fortunate....
  • The Dr said he got "full insertion" in the cochlea and he was quite pleased with himself on that. Is that uncommon?
  • When a loud noise is presented to the Sonnet 2 I get the noise and then a loud pitched whine that fades away. Is there a setting for that?
  • The T's and S's are distorted. While I play guitar the higher octaves are distorted in a similar way.  They seem to start good then go bad. How best to describe that to the Audiologist?
  • As I move up in volume in pre set programs will I get better quality when they become less intense? What is the goal and reasoning of the Audiologist asking that I do so? I have noticed in the short time I am able to tolerate program 3 where it wasn't possible the first 2 days...
  • There is a distinct order to taking them off. Magnet first, then it is safe to touch the sound processor... The Rondo2 just has to be snatched off.


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Car blinker drove me nuts at first as well as well as all the other things you mention. Birds were the absolute worst. It evens out in time. Try wearing a ear plug in your good ear to better get used to the implant. Good luck!

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Hello and welcome to HearPeers @Dan W!

 Congratulations on your CI!

Each audiologist has a unique way of bringing us up to a stable MAP.  My audiologist was very gentle so I did not experience any jarring sounds each morning.  You can use your remote to decrease the volume each morning and then slowly increase it as you adjust.

The jarring sounds will go away in time.

Isolating your CI side may be helpful while you work on aural rehab.  You can do that with tech that streams only to your CI.

Wishing you the best!

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Fortunately it is quick to ease off, it is just the first 10 seconds and then the 15 seconds of vacuum when it comes off. I will take time and adjust it down as part of the take off routine. Easy answer to both issues. 

I just got the artone 3 max in the mail today and will pair it up with the phone to put some sound directly in. 

Thank you for the input and wisdom Hicksy and Mary Beth.


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