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Sonnet 2 EAS


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Hi all,

My daughter got her Sonnet-2 EAS processor today. Can we use EAS processor without ear molds . Will it cause any distortion/disturbance, If she does not wear ear molds with her Sonnet2 EAS.

Thank you in advance for all the inputs

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Hi @Bindu

I have the Sonnet EAS (not the Sonnet-2 EAS), but they might work similarly enough. From my Sonnet EAS perspective: it can be used without ear molds. The "hearing aid" (acoustic) part of it can be disabled and the entire sound spectrum goes to the implant. This is functionally similar to the non-EAS version. Your daughter's CI audiologist can do this if this is something desired for full-time. The distortion/disturbance depends on how the EAS is currently being used and the map changes your daughter's CI audiologist makes.

To better understand the situation and provide a better reply, may I ask why you are interested in not using the EAS part? Is it a full time thing, or part time thing? For instance, I don't use the acoustic component on my Sonnet EAS at all as my residual hearing was not quite strong enough to really gain a lot from using it.

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@Watersail has great points.  The audiologist can create a  program that doesn’t use the acoustic (hearing aid) component. BUT if your daughter is using a program that was created to use the acoustic component of EAS and does not wear the earmold, she is not getting proper sound.


And when EAS is used just like a CI, it is important that the HOOK be switched to a closed CI hook so no moisture enters the processor.

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