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Bonebridge and Singing


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So I'm a singer who recently got the Bonebridge installed for a conductive hearing loss I've had since birth. Has anyone else who sings or plays an instrument found that it improves your pitch perception, or is this just a placebo effect? For singers, what settings do you find work best?

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Hello I'm a  14 year old student who has had a Bonbridge for a year. I've found that there are certian pitches that I'm now aware of that I wasn't able to hear before. I don't have a response for the setting chosses as I'm usally in FM mode when in classes. My pitch perception has denfinatly expanded in both directions. 



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My experience is that, since the implant, I can hear in stereo. The depth of sound has been a pleasant revelation for me. This has been wonderful. I play guitar (at home) and sometimes I like to wear the processor, while other times I take it off when I am playing.  I regularly go to a local club (small venue) and I use the processor. In all cases I use the regular setting. I generally turn the volume down a bit.



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