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New to HearPeers- Q about AudioLink vs Roger Select


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Hello Everybody- we are new to HearPeers. Great forum. I have 2 daughters ages 7 and 10 with bilateral CIs (Med-El; Sonnet processors). Can you please share your experiences of how the AudioLink compares to the Roger Select for Med-El users. We are looking for the best choice for my daughters to use in the school and classroom setting, but also social settings like restaurnts. Our friends are raving about Roger Select, but they are Advanced Bionics users. Thanks in advance!!!

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Welcome to HearPeers!

I am a  bilateral Med-El CI user and aTeacher of the Deaf.  I have both Roger Select and AudioLink.  Roger Select performs much better in school.  It has superior microphone technology.

I wish your daughters the best!

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