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Dear Rondo - I love you


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I passed my three month activation mark this Friday, and I really love my Rondo. She's such a gift, and honestly I never had the highest expectations for my CI journey, but I should have.


I was so afraid of the size of the processor. As part of the surgery evaluation I had to wear a Phonak Naida UP for three month. A HA larger than the Naida SP I have on my right, but still much smaller than a CI processor. I hated it, my mind/body never accepted wearing, but it might also be related to the fact, that I heard no sound at all with it. NONE. But I love the Rondo. I can't feel it, it's hidden under my hair. I never had to adapt to wearing it. So much easier than I ever expected.


And the sound. Of course, I was driven nuts by the triangle/xylophone sounds of the first week, but after a week or so, I was a very long way already.
Last night I went to my first "loud music with drinks and dancing"-allnighter and the Rondo has made an amazing difference. I don't know much music as I've been out of the market for twenty years, but I heard the musik all night. I was able to dance TO the music, not just dance after what I thought was music for the  first time in twenty years. I was sitting outside while my husband was hanging in the bar, and I was able from out there to know that he was in control of the music, as Californication with RHCP was playing (Yeah, I heard that all by myself - at a party - while I was talking to someone else).


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Hi Cecile, yes the Rondo is a gift. And we are so lucky! I'm still trying to understand music but I'm sure it will happen sometime in the future. Just being able hear all the sounds, children laughing, birds singing, car horns, ambulance and fire truck sirens, just a few, it is exciting!

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I love my RONDOs too.  I find them much better than my OPUS 2 processors.  Sound is amazing.  Music is fantastic.  Kudos to MED-EL!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

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I got implanted Dec 4th. will get activated tomorrow. I'll be starting out with a Rondo. I'm happy that you had success, I'm hoping my CI journey will eventually have the same outcome.

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