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Hi all

It's been awhile, well just had major adjustment finally with Boston on June 17 with everything that has been going on with the whole nation.

So on this day I was activated with my sonnett 2.

It's so different then my regular processor.

The levels have been deleted and now I am learning the remote with the up and down volume.

It's still robotic but hanging in there with.



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Hello Lori my name is Dave an I am bilateral my first implant was 2016 and 2018 the second I have Sonnet 1 and I was eligible for for free Rondo2 just one which I wear in place of Sonnet as I was reading your post you have both the Sonnets and Rondo 2 and you prefer the Rondo 2 may I ask why you prefer the Sonnets I like the Rondo2 in some setting but I to lean towards the Sonnets .

Thanks so much 

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Hi @Dave in Pittsburgh

My apologies for getting back to you late.

Your question was why do I prefer sonnet 2 verses my round 2 processor.

I do like my round 2 processor but it doesn't connect with my remote, and it's on the bigger side. This was first given to me when I was activated in December of 2019, with continued adjustments.

I just recently received my sonnett 2 and just returned from Boston Medical Center with connection.

With sonnet 2 it's connected with my remote and I can adjust my sounds,  it's to me smaller and comfortable.


I hope I answered your questions.



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Remote control options 


Rondo 2 uses the Fine Tuner remote


Sonnet 2 uses the Fine Tuner Echo remote and the AudioKey app






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@Lori Martin

I am glad you like your Sonnet 2.  How are things going?



@Dave in Pittsburgh

Do you switch your one side back and forth between Rondo2 and Sonnet? Are there certain situations when you prefer one over the other?


I am still deciding on Rondo 2 or Sonnet 2 so I enjoy learning from everyone.


EDITED thanks to @Jewel

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