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Parent Panel and Discussion -- Register and Share Questions

Sara Doutré

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Are you attending the MED-EL parent panel today or tomorrow?
I'm presenting with other MED-El moms, @Lindsay Walden, @Colleen Powell, Amanda Linscheid, and Heather Macerinskas, giving advocacy tips and sharing our experiences advocating for and supporting our school-aged children.
If you haven't, please register using the links below.
Do you have questions you want us to answer on these calls? Do you have a tip to share? Share questions or tips here and we will include them today or tomorrow!! We will also post tips and resources in this forum.
Don’t forget to register for our upcoming parent panel, "Striving for the A: Accommodation, Advocacy and Access for the Upcoming School Year!” Tomorrow and Thursday, a group of MED-EL parents will lead a discussion on how to help your child succeed this school year despite the extra difficulties they may face in the classroom. Join us to hear from other parents – we’re all in this together! Register here:
Dates and times:
Sept 9th: 5pm PST, 6pm MT, 7pm CST 8pm EST https://bit.ly/32coGgd
Sept 10th: 4pm PST, 5pm MT, 6pm CST, 7pm EST https://bit.ly/2FdBn1k
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