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New Bonebridge Activation - sound quality and echoing?

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Hi all -

I wanted to see if what I am experiencing is normal or if you had any advice for me.

I got my Samba processor activated today for my BoneBridge device - exciting!  I have single-sided (left side) conductive hearing loss, so have one 'good' ear to compare sound quality to.

That being said, after a long appointment adjusting the settings of the processor, I feel as if the sound quality is still far from natural.  It sounds as if I'm hearing through a microphone or megaphone, with an echo-y quality of hearing something over loudspeakers like over an airplane announcement.  It may be that I'm comparing it to my 'good' side, but I wanted to see what I could expect over time, if I may adjust to the quality more.  I have a followup to readjust settings in a few weeks, but would move that sooner if it's just not improving.

I hear a lot of background noise as well, which feels very distracting - especially driving home in the car it sounded very static-y and loud.  

Any advice or guidance on expectations for adjusting to the device?


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Hi Ashley,

The good news is that you are hearing on both sides! I found that, after activation, my world was loud! I found that I had to turn down the volume and I was constantly trying the different settings.  After a few days I found settings that worked. The processor sound is different. I initially found the processor sound to be digital/sharp whereas my good ear sound was more mellow/warm.  If found that these differences were a useful method to 'locate' sound. In my experience, it took a few months of 'learning how to hear' from my right side. It has been a most exciting journey. 


That said, it sounds like another visit with your audio will be useful. It may be helpful to explain what you are hearing for specific situations.  I am sure that some fine tuning will be most useful.


Good luck!


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Thank you so much for sharing your experience.  Good to know much of this is 'normal'.  

I'm curious if your adjustment to or your perception of the different qualities of sound between the processor and your 'good ear' changed much over time?



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I found that I had to learn to hear from my right side. The learning process was gradual. It probably took a couple of years!


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I just got activated on Friday, so I am curious to know how things are going for you?

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