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First trip to soundbooth with new CI...


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I haven't been thrilled with the tinny, nasal quality of most voices but I can't complain about my numbers in the soundbooth:


I had my 4th mapping on my new implant today at 6 weeks post initial activation and then we did some testing. I am doing way better than I realized:

My 'old' CI tested at 60% at its first sound booth testing and today it scored 94% ! (It had scored 8% with the HA, prior to surgery).

My 'new' CI tested alone today scored at 77% !! (It had scored 15% with HA, prior to surgery).


I feel very blessed and so grateful to MedEl for this amazing technology, my terrific Audiologist, my skilled surgeon and super-supportive husband!


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Good going Lisa! Yes, there is light (or in our case, hearing) at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait for my next mapping in October. How much I hear now in comparison to before my CI, it is truly amazing!

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Lisa, we will now have to change your title to she who is a true rock star! As such, I have to find a piece of granite worthy of being used as a fitting momento of your status! That is really great news. Congrats!

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