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I have spent a lot of time lately pondering which processor to choose as my next processor.

I have decided on Rondo 3.  Thank you to all of the happy Rondo 2 users for your posts.  It really made me consider choosing the Rondo family.

Many people who are fortunate to have both Sonnet 1 or 2 and Rondo 2 processors have commented about choosing to use Rondo 2 except in noise where the dual mics of Sonnets are helpful. So many people have chosen this same thing.  Now that Rondo 3 has dual mics and uses the same adaptive intelligence as Sonnet 2 (ASM3), it should perform just as well in noise as Sonnet 2.  There will be no need to switch.

At first the lack of an internal telecoil in Rondo 3 gave me pause.  But then I saw a picture of the telecoil adapter and learned that our audiologists can set up a telecoil only program.  This relieved my concerns about being able to use my beloved Artone neckloop on 100/0 mix ratio.

I look forward to trying the AudioLink with Rondo 3 and hope it works well.

I am thankful for the increased battery life of Rondo 3 (up to 24 hours).  And the ability to charge it while wearing it if needed.  And very happy that an indicator light will let me know remaining battery life.

I like the new secure attachment brackets.  Still not a fan of a small alligator clip for hair attachments but think I can swap that out with a clip.

I love the look of Rondo 3.  Smile 

I am thankful that Rondo 3 can use an app as a remote.  That’s convenient.

I still wish for direct streaming of all phone audio to Rondo 3 and hope that something similar to the Sonnet 1 & 2 AudioStream cover is in the plans for Rondo 3.  It could plug into the port just like the telecoil adapter.

Thank you Med-El  @MED-EL Moderator for all of the cool features of Rondo 3.

As soon as ASM 3 is FDA approved, I can not wait to upgrade to Rondo 3 and experience adaptive intelligence.


It is really exciting to have all these new tech features available.  It makes my CI journey so exciting!

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Thank you @Salik

It may be awhile before I get Rondo 3. I prefer to wait until ASM 3 is available here in the US.  It has been available in other countries ever since Sonnet 2 was released.  I want to experience Rondo 3 the way it was designed to work optimally.... using ASM 3.  

Although Sonnet 2 also is designed to work with ASM 3, in the US it is using ASM 2 since ASM 3 has not been approved by the FDA yet.


Rondo 3 release in the US is expected before the end of the year but it is being released using ASM 2.  

So I will wait until ASM 3 is released in the US.  It’s hard to wait because I am excited about Rondo 3.  I hope the wait will not be too long.

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@Mary Beth I saw my audiologists Fri and next year I’m due due for my 5 yr upgrade, for my right side but two years  later I’m due for the upgrade on left side as we talk it was decided to wait the extra two years and replace both at same time and as we discuss the various options who knows what will be improved on by then or even Rondo 4.

My biggest improvement with the hearing test was with understanding with background noise I was so impressed and happy as for a long while I’ve been working on this I could tell I had issues with this and it has been conquered with patience and persistence 

This really an ever field of advanced technology and how time flies.

I am so happy going bilateral and having WOW moments although I don’t experience them as often lately .

I encourage anyone who qualifies for bilateral to go for it the few days of being inconvenient  With surgery is worth a lifetime of hearing 

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@Dave in Pittsburgh

Congratulations on your improvement with speech understanding in noise!  That is terrific!

I decided to delay my upgrade until both sides were eligible too.  Then going forward, they will be on the same upgrade schedule.

Yes processors and features and accessories are changing quite rapidly.  There will always be something new coming along.  Smile

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