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Faulty Battery Holder

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I am wondering if Medel has an issue with the Battery Holder. I have gone thru 4 in the last 2 years.

This does not sound promising after the 5 years are up, the are about $300 a pop.

It's not the battery, I use PowerOne, which Medel sells.. so don't go there with stating it's the battery.

Also the battery cover does not last very long either. Rechargeable or disposable not working... It appears the sliding on and off causes wear and tear.

Seems they better go back to the drawing board in this area.

These 2 units are high use and need to be able to take the daily activities on them.

Hopefully, someone from Medel Canada reads this.

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With my Sonnet 1 processors, I have experienced battery issues too.

The implant version of ZeniPower batteries consistently produced false dead battery beeps in my Sonnets, although they worked fine in my Rondo 1 and OPUS2 processors.  So I was very thankful when Med-El US offered PowerOne implant batteries again under my insurance.

The battery cover of my Sonnets did not stay tight enough long and caused dead battery alerts.  The covers had to be replaced when that happened unlike the OPUS2 battery covers that last forever.


The small black rubber seal at the connection on the Sonnet processor stretched and became caught between the battery cover and the processor.  Replacement was needed.


I much prefer the easy on/off style of the OPUS2 battery cover design.  And I love the lock in place lever of the OPUS2 battery cover too.

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Although I do not understand why this works, I have found that when the Sonnet 1 has sound quality issues if I disconnect the battery pack from the control unit and reattach ... most times the sound quality returns to normal.

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