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Soon to have a BONEBRIDGE implanted...Some questions


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Hello all,

New to the forum. Scheduled to have the BONEBRIDGE implanted unilaterally for my right hear hear in a couple weeks. Sustained ossicular chain/Eustachian tube/skull damage in a motorcycle wreck a few years ago (yes, I was wearing a helmet) which has caused moderate conductive hearing loss on the right and mild loss in the left. As it is, this will be the 4th implant in my skull counting titanium plates (my head is getting pretty heavy :P).

I have some questions I have searched the forums for but have only found very general answers. 

1) How is the SAMBA processor for running? Does it stay on? If it does stay on, is it solid or sometimes falls? Do you pretty much have to wear a headband? I like to horseback ride, which is at least as active as running, and I'd hate to lose it in the woods somewhere. 

2) Has anyone figured out a helmet solution? Again, for me, I need to be able to wear a helmet horseback riding and it would be nice to still be able to have the processor on. Additionally, has anyone noticed pain or irritation with a helmet on top of the coil?

3) Since I'm active duty military, I have to wear a flight cap pretty much every day (those rectangular pilot hats). Do y'all think it'll fit with the BONEBRDIGE OK? 

4) What is it like going through the airport with the security card thing? Do you get a pat-down pretty much every time? What about things like concert security where they have metal detectors? 

5) What is the one thing no one told you about the system that you learned afterwards? 

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