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ci user 6 months


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I had sudden hearing loss in my right ear and only have 30 percent hearing in my left ear along with flucuating hearing in that ear.  I wear a hearing aid in that ear. I was implanted Feb 25, 2014 and activated March 25.  I am still having a lot of trouble understanding conversations when wearing my cochlear.  I have the Rondo and opus2.  I wear it just about the entire day until it's something I really want to understand.  I have had 3 mappings.  The last two mappings were not changed because they were way too loud.  Is this normal after 6 months?  I have CDs and a Recorder that my daughters recorded some practice exercises and I practice everyday.  I feel like when I talk, I hear the cochlear talking right along with me.  Is that normal?  I also hear what sounds like static.  It seems like the cochlear talks over the hearing aid.  I am still not able to hear on the phone with the cochlear, only with my hearing aid.

I am just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the some of these problems and will they get better in time?


Now I have new Audiologist and she does not seem to be familiar with cochlear implants. Will I need to continue to go to the same office where I had the surgery or is it possible to go to another experienced audiologist with another doctors office?


So many questions.....

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Hey there,


I am a cochlear implant user for unilateral deafness. Have you tried either angel sound or the sound and way beyond program to practice with in order to help adjust to sounds between mappings? This can help you adjust to different types of sounds and understanding with the cochlear implant. You can also get a remote and different devices that help you with the telephone and listening to specific sources such as the computer or music (usually called a personal audio cable). If you audiologist does not know about these things, it is probably time to find a different one. If you already have a personal remote for your CI that does more than just change volume a pick a setting out of about two to four choices, you can go to advanced settings and adjust to listen just to the personal audio cable or the wire for the phone. Be sure to find an audiologist that can tell you more details. Your audiologist can give you more specific settings for your general settings to chose from to adjust to your needs if they know what they are doing.


Good Luck and hope you have better success with your next mapping! My current goal is to gain more hearing in open settings, you can find those under advanced modules on the computer programs that I mentioned earlier.

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Also, I was activated in January. So, I understand some of the frustration, but have had luck with closed settings because my audiologist has been there to give me the information about those programs that I have mentioned.

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