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Possible Candidate for Bonebridge Implant


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I have been doing a lot of research and digging on what works best for me. I personally really dislikes hearing aids for many reasons....so that to me personally is out of the picture, including CROS. I don’t think for my case I would be a candidate for a CI...but bonebridge sounds like something that I might be able to get. My specialist has not brought any of this up but I plan to speak my my family doctor to refer me to specialist who preforms these surgeries, since the ENT specialist I have and the hospital I go to do not specialize in this and I will be referred to the hospital that does.

I have added a file on my recent test...I honestly don’t know how to read it besides clearly knowing what the lines kind of mean  but anything else below that kind of goes over my head.

Sorry for the long post and any help or information on Bonebridge implant (or others) will be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @Natasha, welcome to the HearPeers forum and thanks for sharing your hearing background with us. 

I'd recommend you get in touch with our Canada office about this. They will have more information about BONEBRIDGE for you and they can have a closer look at your case and refer you to a specialist in your area. Please find their contact details below: 

MED-EL Canada Corporation

123 Edward Street, Suite 908

M5G1E2 Toronto | Canada

Phone +1 416 9269998 | Fax +1 416 9260209



Hope that helps! 

If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them. 

Best regards from MED-EL HQ in Austria, 


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15 hours ago, Natasha said:

@MED-EL Moderator Thank you! Just gave them a call and look forward to hearing from them. :) 

@Natasha thanks for the update! If you need further assistance from our side, please let us know :) Best, Verena 

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Natasha, do you mind if I ask where in Ontario you are? I am in Ottawa and your story posted above matches mine very similarly, except mine is on the right side. I had Cholesteatoma many times and it destroyed my ear as well. I even had a prosthesis installed for many years, but that had to come out. I had the Bonebridge put in in 2016 and I am happy with the results!!

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