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Rondò 3 or Kanso 2 ?

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Hello I have to decide quickly between Rondo 3 and Kanso 2 can anyone give me their own positive or negative experiences? aesthetically the kanso 2 is a little smaller, but I understand that the inside of the Rondò is more updated. for connectivity are there important differences between the 2 models (TV, telephone, meetings ...)? how do you feel with one or the other? do they come off often? Thanks for your help

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Congratulations on your upcoming CI! Exciting!

While it is popular to just compare external processors (Rondo 3 and Kanso 2), it is important to remember that the external processors change quite frequently.  The connectivity options change even faster it seems.

We will hopefully have our internal CI components for decades.  They determine how things sound to us.  So you may want to also compare internal components.  Just a suggestion.

Rondo 3 was just released in the US but has been released in other countries for a bit longer.  We have a few Rondo 3 users here at the moment.  More to come soon.

Wishing you the very best on your journey.  CIs are amazing!

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The Kanso 2 has direct streaming with Smartphones.
I find it very important and beneficial.

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You are right. But you should keep in mind that the outer parts can easily be changed over time. So for me it was more important how the implant itself is working and what my surgeon is most experienced with.

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