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Getting the most out of the directional mic feature of Roger Select

Mary Beth

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Today I was playing with my Roger Select mic and using a Roger MyLink neckloop receiver.  There was music playing from a speaker about 4 feet to my right.  I was seated at the dining room table.  I had my processors on T setting so the only audio I heard was through the Roger Select/Roger MyLink set up.


When the Select was on the table using its 3 beamformer mics, I heard the music.

When the Select was clipped on a family member, it activated only the mic catching the person’s voice.... even when that person was quiet.  This resulted in me not hearing the music at all.


Take away from this..... if you are using the Select in a noisy place and only wish to hear one person, definitely clip it to the person instead of setting it on the table.

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