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Samsung Q60T Television (True Bluetooth Out)


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I recently  decided to replace a mid sized bedroom TV and initial search led me to the Samsung Q60T television as one feature is true bluetooth out to speakers etc...

The only review I could find about this function was a negative one on Amazon that criticized the lack of volume.

I decided to purchase anyway and have to say it lives up to expectations. I have no problem connecting my Artone neckloop to the tv, volume is fine, and while initially it is set up for either bluetooth or tv speakers, a search of the accessibility menu will reveal the option to have both active at the same time. I haven’t discovered exactly how to control the volume of each when both active though. 
It is a tad clunky to initiate the bluetooth out each time but maybe more familiarity with the unit or proper programming of a Harmony remote will help.

Very satisfied with this TV. I realize I could probably get the same result on any tv with an Artone TVB but it is a great feature and worth considering if in the market for a new set.

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Do you notice any echo when you listen on MT between the sound going through the neckloop and the sound through your TV speakers?

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I tried both the cable box and a blu-ray player and found the audio to be perfectly in sync. ( I do have a bit of residual hearing in my other ear).

I’ve also discovered that if the Artone neckloop is on prior to the TV then it is immediately recognized when starting the TV. Nice.

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