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Looking forward user experiences with adaptive intelligence settings

Mary Beth

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The new adaptive intelligence settings that are part of ASM 3 for Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3 are not yet available in the US.

I am curious to read user reports of those settings in your real lives.

Do you prefer adaptive intelligence mild or adaptive intelligence strong?

Do you also have a program in omni?  If so, when do you like to use it?

How is wind noise with Sonnet 2?  Do you have the wind noise set at off, mild or strong?

Do you find that you stay in one program all day or switch between programs?

I am eligible for an upgrade and am trying to learn about how ASM 3 is working in our real lives.

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

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Hi @Mary Beth

I use Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3 you know. But I don't use ASM at all. Except for mild windblock there is no filter activated and I am always on omni-directional mode. I have worn hearing aids all my life for 4 decades. In the beginning there were omni-directionality available only so I am used to that anyway. So I can't help you with your questions, sorry.

Oh yes, I switch between programs on my Sonnet: When listening to music I prefere to have more low frequencies.

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  • HearPeers Heroes


I am looking forward to reading about your comparisons of Rondo 3 and Sonnet 2.


I use Omni mic setting only too on my Sonnet 1.  I prefer it as well.

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