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Bonebridge Candidate!

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I have posted maybe a month and a half ago about candidacy and I have finally found out this past Wednesday that I am eligible to have one. I get a CT scan in 2 but the waiting list it pretty massive at this time (9 months waiting time) because of COVID. Sucks but I am so happy that I will be getting one!

Now for some questions:

1. Are there additional accessories that you recommend? Such as Samba 2 GO? And why?

2. Is there any accessories that are very similar to the mini microphone 2 from Cochlear America’s?

3. How often does medel release new Bonebridge devices?

4. How has your experience with the Samba 2 been?

5. Is there anything you think I should be aware of when I do eventually get the Bonebridge? I have a ton of hair (thick, long and curly)...do you get a ton of feedback from your hair?


I can’t really think of any other questions but if you think I should know something, I would love to know!


Thank you!



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