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Hi Everybody! I'm new here, I posted in another section (can't remember where exactly LOL), and I have a couple of questions for RONDO users. I have to make a decision by Monday which product I want so that my audiologist can order them for me, then schedule surgery. I'm very excited at the prospect of being able to hear better again, but I'm having a very hard time making a decision. I'm leaning toward Med-El and the RONDO.


I'd like to try and preserve my residual hearing, (I know there is risk I might lose it) but from everything I have read, Med-El seems to be on top of this as far as preserving hearing. Also I really love the idea of having an off the ear piece. However, at my job at the library I have to answer the phone, which I struggle with a lot as you can imagine. So with RONDO are you able to use the phone ok?  I don't really care about my cell phone, I text on that more than talk anyways, but I do need to be able to use a regular phone at work and home.


Also anybody that currently has RONDO and has used Opus or another over the ear piece, is there much difference in hearing? Are you satisfied with RONDO? I have profound loss in both ears (about 80%) and right now the Doctor wants to implant 1 ear and have me with a HA in the other. Maybe down the road I can go bilateral.


Thank you in advance for any help/info you can offer me....I've enjoyed reading everyone's experiences on this board, they've been so helpful and you all seem to be a great community!



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Dear Melody,

I have already written to you, so my answer can lead you to your theme :)

Regarding your question, Rondo is not special issue in using pho e, not more than any other CI.

So, you have to understand that there could pass some time before you will a tually be possible to use phone with CI.

It's a everchanging process were you will relearn how to listen and adapt your hearing skills to make a progress.

Regarding your 2nd question there are no uniqze standpoint: each user has own opinion regarding these 2 CI models.

Best regards,

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