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AudioStream - 1 week using it, big thumbs up!

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On 2/17/2021 at 11:44 AM, Lynda said:

@Mary BethThank you Mary Beth.  I think I understand.  Basically, I'm trying to figure out if everything that I could possibly need is compatible with a Samsung S9 Plus, before I invest in one.

Thank you also for your good wishes for activation (trying so hard to keep my fingers out of it until then - it is so itchy🤪)

I've just recently started using my audiolink. I was using my airtone seems forever but it finally went and quit on me 😒. So I pulled audiolink and downloaded new app app works great in my note 10 so 9s should work fine. Only problem I run into with my audiolink is I lose controls on app if I'm streaming but if I pause things it goes back to normal. I have 2 sonnet 2 EAS 

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Top line review: this is the accessory I've been waiting for! Super easy streaming that I always have with me. Sounds perfect! I'm streaming with it for several hours a day, whereas I rarely hook up m

Thanks for that very informative write up Justin... very helpful indeed!

Some updates on my AudioStream: - battery life hit is more than I originally thought, and less predictable. Sometimes I need 3 batteries in one day, but I may be re-using last night's battery in

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I am glad AudioLink works for you.  With my Sonnet 1 processors and iPhone 8, the AudioLink does not deliver right and left at the same time. They are out of sync and smeary.

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@Mary Beth @Mike

Last month I got the Samsung S9+ and am using the AudioStream with my original Sonnet EAS, implanted about 10 years ago.  I am upgrading this to the Sonnet 2 EAS (I have Sonnet 2 EAS in the other ear just activated in March).  The upgrade includes an AudioStream so I will have one for each side.

When I access AudioKey2 app on my phone it shows 2 choices - AudioStream and AudioLink.  I select AudioStream to listen to music on my phone.  I have not selected AudioLink, via the app, for anything.  Does selecting AudioLink with the app allow you to turn it on and off?  I use AudioLink with the TV but I just walk over to it to turn it on (it's not like I live in a mansion with big rooms LOL). 


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It’s my understanding that those 2 choices AudioLink or BT are for the app remote control features to work with our processors.

Sonnet 2 connects directly via BT to the app for remote control functions.

Sonnet 1 connects to the app for remote control functions through the AudioLink.

As far as AudioStream, after configuring the AudioStream through the app (top left menu), we no longer need to use the app at all for AudioStream streaming purposes.




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