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Choosing a CI that works well with a HA is more than just streaming audio

Mary Beth

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Almost always, posts online about using a CI and a HA focus on just one thing....  streaming audio to both the HA and CI processor simultaneously.  This leaves people thinking that they must choose a CI brand that has a specific HA option.  That is so limiting. We all know how difficult it is/was to find a HA that worked well for us.  I know I tried many HAs before settling on the one that helped me the most.  And after finally getting a HA that works well for us, it is not easy to give it up.  Smile.

I am happy that Med-El has introduced a feature in the CI fitting software (Maestro 9) that lets our audiologists set our CI processor to match our chosen hearing aid.


But then how do we stream audio to both the CI and the HA?

That is easy!  We use the Artone BT neckloop.  I love it and have been using mine almost daily for over 4 years.  I choose this connectivity device with my bilateral CIs even though I have other streaming options because the Artone works great, sounds very good and is so light and small.  Here is a link to my review of Artone....





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