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Using AudioStream with laptop/desktop computers for video calls

Mary Beth

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Since AudioStream only works on phones/tablets, it can not stream audio from our laptop/desktop computers during video meetings.

But, we can choose to join the video meeting on our laptop/desktop and call in for audio on our phones.  This would let us use AudioStream during those video meetings.  We just need to place our phone on the table in front of us do it can pick up our voice for others.


Has anyone tried this?

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I couldn't try this till now as I am still awaiting my instance of AudioStream.

Nevertheless. On a Mac you can use Airfoil + Airfoil Satellite to route your audio to a smartphone that is compatible with AudioStream. There has been a version for Windows, too, but that's no longe supported.

On Linux you can use vlc/cvlc to grab audio output (from pulseaudio) and provide an integrated http-server that delivers a transcoded audio-stream to any webbrowser. With your smartphone you can then open a webbrowser to stream from your PC and listen with Med-EL's AudioStream. This of course works for any MFi or ASHA capable device.

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I hope you get your AudioStream soon so you can test this out and report back!


airfoil and airfoil satellite info can be found here for anyone else who is curious


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