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Chrome browser on computers now offers Live Caption of ALL audio played through the browser

Mary Beth

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  • HearPeers Heroes

LiveCaption free automatic captions now available for desktop and laptop computers running CHROME.  

Live Captions on iMAC under Chrome-settings-advanced-toggle on LiveCaptions


as long as we join the Zoom call through the Chrome browser and not an app!!

TIP: Although Chrome said it was up to date and it was running version 89, LiveCaption did not show up under accessibility until I downloaded Chrome again and replaced the version that was already on my iMAC.


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  • HearPeers Heroes

This is really really good news, thanks for posting this. My wife and I joined a meeting only yesterday on Zoom and she had not the faintest idea of what was said. Zoom is terrible for subtitles, I've looked into their captioning and it is quite complicated. By connecting to zoom via the Chrome app, Livetranscribe can show subtiles..... can't wait for next meeting to try this out..... I'll certainly report back on how we get on!

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Thank you for sharing this information. Dec 30 was my activation and I setup the audiolink with my rondo 3 yesterday. I streamed some YouTube videos, which didn't have the CC option, and was able to read the captions generated by Live Caption.

Without the captions, speech recognition was very poor on the best audio quality videos. Some videos I couldn't make out a single word. With the captions on, many words were more recognizable as I read along. I find this very encouraging after such a recent activation.

I only used Live Caption on YouTube so far, but it should work with any site you visit with chrome browser.

Thanks again Mary Beth for the info!


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