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BoneBridge - Do you feel it? And some more questions


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i have othosclerosis on my left ear and have problems with normal hearing aids. I have the chance to get a bonebridge surgery. My question to you who has already a BB for some longer time, do you feel the Implantat from outside with you fingers? I am male and have really short hairs on the side. Do you see the Implantat? And how dangerous is the hole in the bone? Any risk of bone crack??


thank you very much and sorry for the terrible english :D


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I have a Bonebridge and I cut my hair on the side to a number 1, so it is super short. You can see a small bump and you can definitely feel it under the skin, but overall most people never notice it unless I point it out or am wearing my Samba.
As for the Bone Crack part of your question, they do CT Scans first to determine the right place to install it, it requires an 8mm depth. Once it is installed and heals it is fine.

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You can barely feel it, I would be very surprised if someone saw it. Basically it feels like there's a small coin under your skin.

As an example - I've never had a barber or anyone notice the implant without me telling them it's there 🤷

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