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Joe Duarte, Co-CEO of InnoCaption - Introducing myself as a newcomer in this forum...


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Hi everyone, 

Not sure how to get started here. Mary Beth tagged me which created a notice for me to log in and see the message.

I am using bilateral Sonnets and loving them to the max. Listening to music all the time as even as I type this.

I am currently struggling with my AudioStream and I have not been able to use it all all. Apparently there are some issues with Apple's IOS and AudioKey2.

I will be keeping an eye out for a resolution. For now, I stopped trying to use it.

I would like to introduce myself also as the Co-CEO of InnoCaption which is a telephone captioning app. I don't do customer support as I have team doing it, but if anyone has any questions in this forum, please feel free to send them over. Maybe this way I will finally learn to use this HearPeers platform.


Joe Duarte

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typing @ and then a HP username brings up a window. Selecting the user from that window turns their info blue and tags them


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15 hours ago, Lynda said:

Welcome @Joe 

I also use bilateral Sonnets, and I wish we had InnoCaption in Canada.

Thanks for the welcome @Lynda,

It is not easy to setup a service in Canada from the USA. Learned that a Canadian needs to own a large portion of the company providing these services especially if the services is to be supported by the Canadian government funds. 

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