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Music rehab after CI for adults in the UK

Mary Beth

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I attended a virtual conference today presented by Johanna Boyer, musicologist for Med-El based in the US and Chris Rocca, rehab specialist at St Thomas’ Hearing Implant Centre in the UK.


The virtual small group music rehab program offered at St Thomas’ sounds absolutely fabulous!

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Interesting video. I enjoyed Chris Rocca. Would be great to join in . I could only find this reference

http://resource.isvr.soton.ac.uk/soecic/BCIG 2010/BCIG Posters/EIC2010_GSTT_Poster_Music.pdf

What I found so interesting was Johannas last example of a patient. How they were able to listen to lyrics and found difficulty with instruments.

I find exactly the opposite. We are all so different. 4 months after going bi-lateral , music is improving in leaps and bounds. However my classical guitar still sounds terrible and female vocals are mostly a distorted, but are improving. I have noticed that  old LPs are much nicer sounding than cds.

My newest implant in the left ear still makes female speech sound slightly higher pitched and gravelly.

However I'm more than Happy, I think in a few more months it will get even better.




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