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Newly identified CI candidate with long term SSND SSD

Eric in Tulsa

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I’m a 69 year old male who has had SSD since 1995. The doctors were never able to tell me why I lost my hearing, just that it wasn’t coming back and hearing aids would not help. 
I recently signed up for Medicare and discovered that they might pay for an implant. I was evaluated a week ago and qualified. In a quiet environment, I got 5% of the words correct. In a noisy environment I got 0% correct. These were both through my bad ear only. When using both ears the  the numbers were significantly higher, but not as high as one might think. I’ve had the CT scan and everything was nominal. Next up is a visit with the surgeon where we will pick the brand and model of the implant. 

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Wow kind of like me, i have a few days to find out what i get and what to choose. I dont want to make any mistakes!!!

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