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New CI user after brief SSD


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Hi everyone,

I suddenly lost all hearing in my right ear in March 2020. I was activated in March 2021 and use a Sonnet2 and Rondo3. I mostly use the AudioStream sleeve with RCBs. While it has been great having some sound again in my right ear, I have also been frustrated at times in two regards.

I wish I had many more audiology visits than I have to update my programs. It seems that within a week or two of getting an update, I'm ready for more volume or wish the MCLs had been set differently. At this point I still think my ears are not balanced. Maybe that's normal?

I have also had hardware problems that seem to revolve around failing RCB adapters when out exercising in hot, humid conditions. I posted a more detailed question about that under Sonnet2. 

Otherwise, I think the MEDEL system is pretty awesome and it's amazing I can hear as well as I do. I hope to take advantage of this forum to learn some tricks of the trade. 


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Welcome to HPs.  We are a friendly group.  Feel free to ask questions and share your CI journey with us.

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